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Old Kazakh Drama Theatre

Kazakh drama theatre traces its history to 1932. Initially it was located in the city district which is now called Old town, since here was the center of the workers settlement (and later Karaganda city) in 1930s. Being located in the very center of the mining camps, which later grew into Karaganda city, the Kazakh drama theatre was the main cultural center of the city. Since mining took place right under the living quarters, after some time ground began to subside and so people had to leave the area and move to the newly built New city. Theatre was as well relocated to the new building in Bulvar Mira avenue where it existed together with Stanislavski Russian drama theatre until 2008. After that it got its own building in Bukhar-Zhyrau avenue. As for the old building, it has survived by a miracle. However, due to the absence of proper maintenance it fell into disrepair. At present the building is abandoned and is about to collapse.

Photo: Old Karaganda (www.vk.com/old_karaganda) - 1935

Photo: Old Karaganda (www.vk.com/old_karaganda)

Photo: Old Karaganda (www.vk.com/old_karaganda)

However, it has to be pointed out that the old building of Kazakh drama theatre is one of the most important historical monuments of Karaganda region. It is the oldest stone building in Karaganda city, as well as a rare case of constructivist architecture in Kazakhstan.


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