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Old airport

The first Karaganda airport was founded in February 1934 by the decision of the USSR government in order to provide communication between the city and remote villages. Ten years later it was relocated to the area of New city, where it operated until l990s. Initially Karaganda (city) airport was used for regular passenger transportation. Aircrafts flew from Karaganda airport to all big cities of the Soviet Union. In mid-1980s civilian aviation was relocated from Karaganda (city) airport to the new Central airport (today Saryarka international airport). It was decided to use the old airport as a military one: until 1990s helicopter unit was located here. Later, however, it was closed. Nowadays the old airport is situated within the limits of Karaganda city. Car market is housed in its old building. After being rebuilt, the old airport runway is now used as a highway.

Photo: Old Karaganda (www.vk.com/old_karaganda) - 1980s


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