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Eternal flame

Eternal flame is a war memorial complex established in honour of the soldiers who had died in Eastern front of World War II (1941-1945). The monument was erected in Victory Park in 1975 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. In 2014 Eternal flame underwent renovations.

The memorial complex was designed upon the project of sculptor Zhenis Moldabayev and architect Nurbakhyt Koyshibekov. In its central part is located a marble monument with a copper relief on which soldiers strong faces and the pigeons, symbolizing peace and freedom, are depicted against the military flag. Eternal glory to the heroes these words are inscribed on the monument in order to ensure the eternal memory of the heroes in peoples minds. In its front the monument has a platform made of red granite, where capsules had been immured which contain the ground taken from the hero-cities. In the middle of the square, in front of the monument one may see the bronze star, in the centre of which bright fire is burning day and night. The fire symbolizes the eternal memory of those who fell in the battles and of their great deeds. Memorial complex is complemented with the Alley of heroes, on both sides of which memorial tombs are located with the names of the great heroes carved in stone.


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