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Abai monument

Abai Kunanbaev was a famous Kazakh poet, educator, philosopher, public man and the founder of Kazakh literature. At present he belongs to a number of great poets like Pushkin, Shakespeare, Goethe and other classics, whose contribution to the world literature can not be overstated. Abai is one of the poets, whose poems and aphorisms are known by everyone and admired by many. So it is hardly surprising that there is a street, a park or some kind of cultural institution named after Abai in every big city of Kazakhstan. Besides, one may find quite a few monuments erected in honour of the poet in the majority of cities of Kazakhstan. In this respect Karaganda is no exception. In 1953 here was opened Regional childrens library named after Abai, whereas a while later, in 2008 a monument to the classic of the Kazakh literature was erected in the garden square opposite Shalkyma concert hall. The monument is more than ten metres tall. It was made of bronze and granite by a famous sculptor Askar Nartov. According to the sculptors original idea in his hands Abai is holding a book as a symbol of culture and education. Curiously enough, in the past here was located a monument to the famous party leader, Sergo Orjonikidze.


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