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Up to the present day the Society has realized several expedition projects and finished creating of an electronic edition of Avalon Kazakhstan eBook and Discovery Kazakhstan printed magazine. From this page you can learn the results of our activity.

 Ulytau Travel Guide by Avalon Travel Guides, 2016

 Ecotourism in Central Kazakhstan: conservation of the protected areas natural resources and creation of economic opportunities in the rural areas (1st phase)

 Cycling expedition УTo the center of Kazakh landФ

 'Discovery Kasachstan' magazine in German

'Discovery Kazakhstan' magazine in English

'Eurotrip 2007'

'Badakhshan 2007' expedition

'Avalon Kazakhstan eBook' electronic guide-book

'Urumqi-Kashgar 2006' expedition

'Nepal 2004' expedition

'Tien Shan 2004' expedition




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