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Nurken Abdirov monument

This monument was erected in 1958 in Karaganda city center in order to immortalize the dead of a Kazakh fighter pilot and World War II hero, Nurken Abdirov. The Il-2 pilot successfully completed 16 combat missions and consequently destroyed 12 Nazi tanks and more than 20 motor vehicles. Abdirov and his fellow soldier, radio-operator gunner Alexander Komissarov, had their last combat flight on December 19, 1942. During the battle in the area of Bokovskaya-Ponomaryovka their plane was damaged by the enemy. However, before the inevitable crash happened, the valiant pilot directed his burning plane into the Nazi tank column and as a result destroyed the enemys military weaponry.

Photo: Old Karaganda (www.vk.com/old_karaganda) - 1965

For his service to the motherland, Nurken Abdirov was posthumously awarded the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In Karaganda one is often reminded of the valiant pilots deed due to the fact that Palace of sports, as well as one of the central avenues of the city bear his name.

Photo: "Planet" publishing house, B.Podgorniy - 1972

Besides, one has a chance to admire Nurken Abdirov monument, located in the avenue of the same name. It is a nine-meter-tall monument which consists of a marble pedestal and a cast iron sculpture depicting Abdirov at the control wheel in the critical moment of his last combat mission. The monuments authors are famous Karaganda sculptors, A.P.Bilyk and Y.V.Gummel.


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