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On July 8, 2007 the team of Avalon HGS (Vitaliy Shuptar and Yelena Kim) left Karaganda for the Pamirs. In the course of the expedition its members visited Murghab and Khorog settlements, crossed the Wakhan Range and acquainted themselves with historical and archaeological sights of the Wakhan Valley.

'On This Side of Pyandj' travel story

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The equipment sponsor of the 'Badakhshan 2007' expedition is 'Limpopo' company (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Our informational partners are 'EX' extreme travel & adventure magazine (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), 'Discovery Central Asia' travel magazine (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), 'Industrial Karaganda' newspaper (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) and 'Noviy Vestnik' newspaper (Karaganda, Kazakhstan).

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Компания Limpopo - Всё для активного спорта и отдыха

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