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The idea to publish a book, which could retell about the country as an important part of the world culture, came to our minds quite a lot of time ago. So far nobody has taken the liberty of applying himself to the work and trying to combine such incompatible things as vast expanse of steppe of Sary-Arka, snowy tops of Tien Shan and Altai, hot sands and ancient cities of South Kazakhstan, piny forests and clear lakes of the North, contiguity of the desert and the sea in the western part of our country.

As a matter of fact Kazakhstan is a very various country, it reflects in its landscape and people populating it, and in its history.

It is a country of ancient nomads, the junction of civilizations It is a legendary country of Avesta. One can be excited by the ancient petroglyphs of Tamgaly and hills, which still keep the secrets of Sak warriors. According to one of the versions Golden man is the son of legendary tsarina Tomiris. Our country is the place of Turkic peoples origin, the beginning point of Turkic peoples wandering along the vast of Eurasia. There are cities and steppes where the hordes of Genghis Khan and his sons rode along; the history of Kazakhstan is closely connected with these names.

It is a country, which included a lot of different religions beginning from Zoroastrism and Tengrianism till Christianity and Islam. The second Mecca of Islam is Turkestan city with its famous mausoleum of Sufi Khodja Akhmed Yasavi.

People, who made our country famous are the great philosopher Al-Farabi, who is depicted in national current of Kazakhstan tenge; the genius of Kazakh people Chokan Valikhanov, who discovered unknown, at that time, Kashgaria for all the people.

There are sparkled tops of the Zailiyskiy Alatau the pick of them is Khan-Tengry (6,995 m) and the lowlands are so oppressive by their monotone, where you can find Karagie cavity (132 m below sea level). One cant be indifferent to the mystical mountain Altai, that is considered one of the places (as Tibet), where the legendary Shambala is.

Everyone knows dismal and terrible Stalin concentration camps Karlag and ACWBM (ALJIR), Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground, and the dying Aral Sea.

Only in Kazakhstan there is the most mountainous skating rink Medeo. Kazakh people are proud of unique cosmodrome Baikonur. Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan is the city of the third millennium and is developing rapidly.

And this is Kazakhstan itself. Everything mentioned before will be written in the guide-book Avalon Kazakhstan Guide-book.

The conception of Avalon Kazakhstan Guide-book is: To tell about the best without pausing at mediocre things, but to aware of the bad ones

To combine practical and cognitive information is the peculiarity of our edition and it helps our tourist draw a detailed plan of our country up, as well as of a city or organization. We compose such a book that will not be just a common and useless list of names, addresses and telephones. The guide-book will be a vivid and useful assistance in your travelling; it will be a book for answering all or almost all questions a traveler might come across during his trip.

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