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'China-southwest 2007' expedition

Short description of the project
The Southwest is one of the most interesting for tourism regions of China, where natural richness competes with ethnic diversity. But, despite these places represent great interest both for various investigators and broad masses, they are practically unknown to travelers from CIS countries and those interested in Chinese culture.
The bicycle journey which will cover over 1500 km will take place in August-September of the year 2007 by the following route: Chengdu-Emeishan-Yibin-Zhaotong-Dongchuan-Kunming-Xiaguan-Lijiang.

The main tasks of the expedition are collecting and studying the information about the region, its important sights, the culture of the peoples inhabiting the provinces Sichuan and Yunnan (including national minorities such as naxi and bai). Besides, the participants of the expedition will reproduce the way of the Russian emigrant Peter Goullart who visited Lijiang in the 40-s of the previous century and described his journey in the book called Forgotten Kingdom .

Advertising potential:
1) With the experience of the previous expeditions including those at the Chinese territory, we know what great interest of the local population and mass media representatives may be generated by the members of the expeditions. Therefore, bicycles, equipment and clothes of the participants may become a wonderful advertising ground, where advertising slogans or logotypes could be placed.
2) We are planning wide covering of the project in the press and electronic mass media of Kazakhstan and Russia, both specialized (devoted to travels and tourism) and public ones. The negotiations are being held with series of Chinese newspapers and magazines, as well as news agencies. The Internet resources will be widely used, mostly the Russian and English sectors of the web. The name of the Project Sponsor will be repeatedly mentioned in all press releases, interviews for mass media, articles, travel reports and notes of the expedition. The photo materials representing the members of the expeditions, their equipment and outfit will be placed in numerous newspapers and magazines.
3) The Project Sponsor acquires the right to use the photo materials taken during the expedition in its advertisements. Besides, the Project Sponsor is given the confirmation of its participating in the project, the honor symbol of the expedition and the right to place its banner or other advertising materials at the web-sites of Avalon HGS (www.guide.kz) and Kazakhstan-Online Company (www.kazakhstan-online.net) within a year.

Necessary means
The sponsorship is necessary for the Society to cover the expenditure including administrative expenses (visas, permits, passes), expenses on transport (railway tickets to the starting point and backwards), purchasing deficient outfit and equipment, as well as expenses on food and accommodation on the way. The general budget of the expedition (and, accordingly, the maximum sum of the money required from the Project Sponsor) is 4280 U.S. dollars.

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