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In May 2011 in Germany on the Channel 1 of the German television ARD was shown the second series of the documentary film Due east: from Berlin to Vladivostok, which had been shot in summer 2010 with the help of Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan travel agency, Karaganda EcoMuseum and Avalon Public Foundation.

The main theme of the movie is life of the post-soviet countries in our days. With the eyes of the creators of this three-part film you can have a look at the delights of the hospitable mountain oasis of Kyzylarai - the most promising ecotourist destination in Central Kazakhstan, take a closer look at every day life of a usual Kazakh family from Shabanbai Bi village with its difficulties and delights, as well as visit the region of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site heritage of the Cold War.

You can watch the second series of the film here.

The diary of the camera crew is of great interest, it is available here (in German language).



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