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Cycling expedition УTo the center of Kazakh landФ was implemented since 16 to 27 July, 2010 . The expedition was organized by Avalon historico-geographical society and public foundation with financial support of the US Department of State.

During 12 days members of the expedition team have covered approximately 850 kilometers from the contemporary capital of Kazakhstan Ц Astana to the ancient center of the country Ц the Ulytau mountains.

Flora and fauna of Korgalzhyn lakes and steppes, archaeological monuments of Nura and Ulytau districts, natural sights of the Ulytau mountains, life of rural communities in remote areas Ц the expedition team had focused attention on all these aspects.

The main goals of the expedition have been promotion of responsible cycling tourism and raising awareness on social, environmental and economic problems of rural areas in Central Kazakhstan. Special attention was paid to investigation of possibilities for community-based ecotourism development.

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