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The fourth edition of magazine-guide Discovery Kazakhstan in English was recently presented to the touring public in London in the framework of WTM-2010, the international travel fair.

Silk Road Media Publishing House, in co-operation with the Avalon Historico-Geographical Society and Public Foundation, once again invites adventurous travellers to journey across Kazakhstan the vast land of the ancient nomads, a land without hedges and fences, a land where a man can understand the meaning of freedom, wide horizons and fresh breezes.

The English version of Discovery Kazakhstan magazine-guide was first published almost two years ago. The guide was warmly welcomed not only by travel industry professionals, but by the target audience foreign tourists wishing to visit the very heart of the Eurasian continent and explore a hidden and mysterious Kazakhstan - a land with a rich history and varied natural beauty.

Having received much praise for the guide and noting Kazakhstans increased popularity as a travel destination, the creators decided to republish the guide, introducing some important enhancements, and, in particular, revising the maps and content of the articles, bringing them up to date.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following people, who took part in making the fourth issue of the magazine-guide:

Alexandr Yermolyonok for providing numerous photos for the magazine, design of maps and photos selection.

Authors of articles and photos: Oksana Shuptar, Dagmar Schreiber, Til Dieterich, Herman Veldhuizen, Friedemann Ebelt, Michael Kamper, Alexander Petrov, Sergey Golomolzin, Vladimir Shuptar and Viktor Ponomarenko

Vitaliy Shuptar 
President of Avalon HGS and PF 
Author, editor and compiler of Discovery Kazakhstan magazine-guide

* You can look at the fourth issue of Discovery Kazakhstan online here, or purchase it in printed form in Avalon historico-geographical society, Tourist information center by Karaganda Ecological Museum, through Silk Road media company store chain in Tashkent, Bishkek, Almaty, Dushanbe and London, as well as in the Internet-shop, in newsstands of big hotels of the cities indicated, in bookshops of Kniga-NV network. A part of circulation is to be distributed at the international tourist fairs, through diplomatic representatives and on international airlines.


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