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The magazine-guide Discovery Tajikistan was recently presented to the touring public in London in the framework of WTM-2010, the international travel fair. This unique edition was published by Silk Road Media Publishing House in co-operation with the Pamirs Eco-Cultural Tourism Association, the Avalon Historico-Geographical Society and Public Foundation, with the support of the Zerafshan Tourism Board and Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

The event is an important step in the promotion of Tajikistan on the world market, because the country is quite a new and exclusive tourist destination. At the moment, it represents one of the least known, but nevertheless incredibly interesting places for tourists. The creators of the guidebook have attempted to fill the void of information and tell the readers about Tajikistan and the reasons why this country is well worth visiting.

Those, who are interested in history and geography could not but have heard the names so closely connected with this country Alexander the Great and Marco Polo, the Pamir upland and Panj River, the Silk Road and the Great Game The mountains of Tajikistan are the very place where history and legends are always literally within arms reach, whereas the richness of the flora and fauna never ceases to amaze, wherever you go.

This quite informative and well illustrated edition hopefully will play its positive part and show to the readers, that the time for traveling to Tajikistan has already come. It is nowadays when it is possible to go there and feel oneself a pioneer, just like Marco Polo, discovering this incredibly interesting place on Earth.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following people, who took part in making the magazine-guide:

Alexandr Yermolyonok for photos selection and preparing, design of maps,

Authors of articles and photos: Roger Chao, Catherine Hine, Anora Sarkorova, Herman Veldhuizen, Dmitriy Kalmykov and Dana Yermolyonok.

Vitaliy Shuptar 
President of Avalon HGS and PF 
Author, editor and compiler of Discovery Tajikistan magazine-guide

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