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Current issue of Discovery Kazakhstan magazine-guidebook, published in the framework of Ecological tourism and public awareness in Central Kazakhstan project, was presented to the public attention at the biggest international tourist fair worldwide ITB-2010, that was held in Berlin last week.

Discovery Kazakhstan
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Discovery Kazakhstan is a joint project of Avalon historico-geographical society and public foundation (Kazakhstan), Karaganda Ecological Museum (Kazakhstan) and Silk Road Media publishing house (Uzbekistan-Great Britain), which aims at distribution and popularization of information about tourist opportunities and attractions of our country abroad.

The third issue of the magazine was published in German language, which shows significant increase of the editions audience: more and more people get opportunity to find out something interesting about Kazakhstan a destination, which is popular among those tourists, who try to find something new and exclusive for themselves.

Considerable part of materials for this issue of the magazine was kindly furnished by Germans those, who happened to be (or even to stay) in Kazakhstan by force of duty, following the dictates of heart or for some other reasons.

One must admit, that the Germans actually became the earliest explorers of the tourist attractions of Kazakhstan. They were both tourists and people, who develop tourism: coaches, guides, journalists and writers. Besides, Kazakhstan has never been foreign and unknown for the citizens of Germany, since after collapse of the USSR about one million of Germans migrated from Kazakhstan and came back to their historical homeland. That could not but contribute to distribution of information and, as a consequence, inevitable appearance of interest.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following people, who took part in making the third issue of the magazine:

Dagmar Schreiber for her assistance in editorial treatment, proof-reading of texts, providing articles and photos.

Alexandr Yermolyonok for providing numerous photos for the magazine, design of maps and photos processing.

Authors of articles and photos: Andriy Dubok, Anna Mironova, Ardjan Langedijk, Vera Voronova, Dana Sadykova, Dmitriy Mehayev, Elena Kaminskaya, Zhanna Zuyeva, Catherine Voigt, Christine Mueller, Kristin Ramthun, Michael Kamper, Oxana Shuptar, Til Dieterich, Friedemann Ebelt and Herman Veldhuizen.

Dinara Satvaldinova for her assistance in proof reading of texts.

Cosmonaut hotel administration (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) for financial support in project realization

Vitaliy Shuptar
President of Avalon historico-geographical society and public foundation
Author, editor and compiler of Discovery Kazakhstan magazine

* You can purchase the third issue of Discovery Kazakhstan magazine in Avalon historico-geographical society, Tourist information center by Karaganda Ecological Museum, through Silk Road media company store chain in Tashkent, Bishkek, Almaty, Dushanbe and London, in newsstands of big hotels of the cities indicated, as well as in the Internet-shop. A part of edition is to be distributed at the international tourist fairs, through diplomatic representatives and on international airlines.


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